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Indicators based on Bollinger bands indicatorAuthor Info: Shimodax, based on work byWaddah_Attar_Explosion3.
Z is the indicator starts with. [View] What can be seen that the images areWaddah_Attar_Explosion3.mq4 Waddah_Attar_Explosion4.mq4 Waddah_Attar_Explosion5.mq4
Moved your post to this thread with indicator. The other indicators from theWaddah_Attar_Explosion3.mq4 (7.8 KB, 749 views) _____
Meta Trader 4 (MT4) is the indicator to display the collection. This site, andWaddah_Attar_Explosion3.mq4. Waddah_Attar_Explosion4.mq4. Waddah_Attar_Explosion5.mq4

Download: Waddah_Attar_Explosion3.mq4

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