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Counts crosses off MAs, it shows % that all MAs are above slower MAs

If MA crosses above another, the indicator rises
If MA crosses under another, the indicator falls

If the indicator rises to 100%, every MA is above MAs with higher period
If the indicator falls to 0%, every MA is under MAs with higher period

The indicator is calculated with 10 MAs, you set the maximal MA, the minimal is calculated 0.1*maximalMA and step between MAs is also 0.1*maximalMA

MAcrosses settings:
MA the maximal MA
MAavg period to calculate moving average from MAcrosses
MAmethod MA moving average method:
0 Simple moving average,
1 Exponential moving average,
2 Smoothed moving average,
3 Linear weighted moving average.

Can by used as a trend indicator with high values
opinion: there is an UP trend when MAcrosses 10% limit from below up, DOWN trend when MAcrosses 90% limit from above down

Download: MAcrosses.mq4

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