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//| Coloured Days on Chart.mq4 v1.0 | //| Copyright 2008, Jason Robinson … //| Custom indicator deinitialization function | …
Coloured Days on Chart [ ru | cn] (Author: jnrtrading) This indicator separates the days into two different colours on the chart. 0: 0.0: 1827
Meta Trader 4 (MT4) is the indicator to display the collection. This site, and … Coloured_Days_on_Chart.mq4. Combined_MA_Signal.mq4. Commentator.mq4. corelation.mq4
Coloured_Days_on_Chart.mq4 … Indicators Live … FREE Expert Advisors * 4X Cash Compounder …

Download: Coloured_Days_on_Chart.mq4

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