Bullish Reversal EA

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Bullish Reversal EA


This EA executes trades when it recognizes candlestick patterns that are associated with Bullish Reversals. Test have been ran on the daily chart. The code still needs a lot of work, so trade at your own risk.

See attached Files.

Recommend reviewing and altering the code to your risk preferences.
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MQL4 striped out this part when uploading the code with out mentioning any reason. The code is far too simple to be IP (in this newbie’s uninformed opinion) and the conditions are original (if there is such a thing), but correct the EA at your own risk. If any moderator has an issue with this section please take it down, I am not trying to violate any rules or steal anyone’s work.

The Missing Code:

// Definition of patterns from FXWORDS.COM (not advertising)

// strong Indicator

bool abandoned_baby=((open3>close3)&&(open2>close2)&&(low2<low3)&&(open1=low2)&&(close1>open3));

bool morning_doji_star=((open3>close3)&&((open2-close2)<=0)&&(open1<close3)&&(close1<open3));

bool three_inside_up=((open3>close3)&&(MathAbs(close2-open2))open2)&&(close1>open1)&&(close1>open3));

bool three_outside_up=((open3>close3)&&(1.1*MathAbs(open3-close3)<MathAbs(open2-close2))&&(open2<close2)&&(open1<close1));

bool three_white_soldiers=((open3<close3)&&(open2<close2)&&(open1<close1)&&(close3<close2<close1));


// Weak

bool hammer=((MathAbs(low1-MathMin(open1,close1))>=2*(MathAbs(open1-close1)))&&((MathAbs(high1-MathMax(open1,close1)))<=0.2*(MathAbs(close1-open1))));

// set up algo

if ((abandoned_baby==true||morning_doji_star==true||three_inside_up==true||three_outside_up==true||three_white_soldiers==true)&&open1<MA)


21.08.2012 21:16 arobles

My opinion this is not coding….

full of errors

I thought MetaQuotes did proofreading before publishing

if ()&&open1>MA)

This is something you can see directly wrong coded

If MetaQuotes publish this kind of writing then my opinion is STOP DIRECTLY with it

Download: Bullish Reversal EA.mq4

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