Spoutnik Trading System

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Spoutnik Forex System – We tested Spoutnik system for three weeks and it’smade 860+ pips in just two trades.

Download: Spoutnik Forex Trading System.zip

Spoutnik Forex System MT4 Inicators:
(Spoutnik Files included in download)

Bollinger Bands.mq4
FlatTrend V2.mq4
Template: spoutnikh1v1.1.tpl

Simple trading rules:
Buy: When Fisher indicator above 0 level (green) and when appears bigger green arrow.
Sell: When Fisher indicator below 0 level (red) and when appears bigger red arrow.

How to setup Spoutnik Forex System:

1. Past all ex4 and mq4 files in “indicators” directory MetaTrader platform.
2. Spoutnik Trading System Template paste in “template” directory in your MetaTrader platform.
3. Restart your platform and then load “spoutnikh1v1.1.tpl” from MetaTrader panel.

We strongly suggest you to trade on demo before you learn how to use it.

Download: Spoutnik Forex Trading System.zip

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